A Thousand Cuts

Directed by Ramona S. Díaz

Watch the movie A Thousand Cuts, where we follow Maria Ressa and the Rappler team in the Philippines as they talk about the rise of Duterte, disinformation networks and their fight to keep their freedom of speech.

Publisher:  Ramona S. Díaz, Leah Marino, Carolyn Hepburn, Julie Goldman, Christopher Clements and Chris Clements
Published: 2020
Length:  1h:50m
Language: English and Tagalog (English subtitles)


“First they came for the journalists, we do not know what happened after that.”

Maria Ressa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021 for her courageous fight for freedom of expression in her home country of the Philippines. As a journalist, she has been a key critic of the Philippine government and its president, Rodrigo Duterte. Ressa and her news website Rappler have also put the spotlight on Facebook and other social media. They believe that the misuse and deregulation of these channels are a threat to democracy in several countries. The Philippine authorities have accused Ressa of tax evasion and cyber libel, something that she and her supporters consider a smear campaign.

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